About Us

Improvement-it always sees the challenge to use innovative RFID, LoRa, GPS, UWB and barcode (Internet of Things) technology to improve the (logistical) processes of our customers. We believe it is very important that everyone, regardless of origin and education, can handle this innovative IoT technology with ease. With support in the workplace we exceed the expectations of our customers.

We have converted our extensive Internet of Things (RFID, LoRa, UWB, Barcode) experience into flexible (cloud) solutions for:
• Warehouse Management
• Inventory Management Material Management
• Tool Management File Management
• Container management
• Tracking and Tracing (GPS, RFID, LoRa, GPRS)
• Tailored Internet of Things solutions

Internet of Things (RFID, LoRa, GPS, UWB, Barcode) specialists

We are a specialist in the field of Automatic Identification, with a focus on IoT systems. We design, deliver, build, implement and maintain complete solutions for logistics optimization processes.

RFID, LoRa, GPS, UWB en barcode expierence

Our organization has been specialized in barcode and RFID technologies for more than 15 years and are involved in various projects at Shell, Tata, Selexyz, Vialis, Centraal Boekhuis, RRS, Hallmark, and the Royal Library.

Technology and application network

We have built a powerful network in which we work directly with leading manufacturers (Impinj, NordicID, Feig, Atid, Motorola) and therefore we are well-informed and have excess to the latest technological developments. As a result we are always ahead of the market together.

Improvement Holding

Portpay BV is active within Improvement Holding. PortPay is an international organization that provides services on and around the water for professional and private shipping. PortPay is the new standard for boat registration in the form of a Digital Vignette. The Digital Vignette and associated services are supplied to the government, companies and individuals. The most important services at a glance: Forest services, Enforcement, Passage, Mooring fees and Theft prevention:http://www.portpay.eu