The Alltrack back office is the heart of our IoT solution. In this system, all master data is managed and all registrations are stored from the shop floor. Logistical operations are processed in order so that up-to-date overviews are available in the field of inventory management, tool management, and asset management. If IoT equipment is used in the field, the system monitors this equipment, updates can be carried out remotely and can be “watched” in real time. This ensures the continuity of the entire infrastructure and system.

An extensive rights model makes it possible to give access to various back-office functions, material groups, and locations. System users who work via the Alltrack app are recorded in the back office and it is indicated which functions each user group can perform on the PDA.

You can easily filter and sort in the user interface. The user can also make exports from the system himself.


The back office comprises the following main elements:

A-Navigation menu: The navigation menu allows you to maneuver through the different layers of the database while receiving feedback on the current position. Certain menu items are visible based on the role associated with the user account.

B-Tables: In the current table view you will see a detailed table of the currently selected menu option. Here you can, for example, add, edit and delete items. In the interface, you can also sort the current table and hide columns.

C-Search and export: Through these functions, you can search over the entire table instead of a search function per column. The filtered selection can be exported quickly and easily as excel, csv, json, xml or pdf.

D-User information: This function allows the user to change his own data and set a new password.

Various filter and search functions increase the user experience.