The Amsterdam canals are visited daily by thousands of residents, visitors and tourists. In order to guarantee safety and to improve the quality of life, it is important on the one hand to monitor the course of events and, where necessary, to make adjustments through regulation and tackling nuisance. Waternet is the organization that monitors and manages the canals through an advanced dashboard. This dashboard is powered by smart sensors and cameras provided by Improvement-it (via sister company Portpay). With this solution, improvement-it competes with Waternet for the Water Innovation Award 2018

Sensors and smart cameras (Lora, Wifi, 4G)

Sensors are nowadays very advanced and can measure several values ​​at the same time. Various signals are cleverly combined into usable data via the Improvement-it platform. By setting certain limit values, system users are only guided on matters that deviate from the “standard”. All data together is used for big data analyzes and improvement proposals. Sensors in the field must send their data to the central database to enable the analyzes. The internet is used for this and the collection of data goes via WiFi, 4G and the own LoRa network that Improvement-it has now rolled out in Amsterdam.

Water innovation prize 2018

Together with Waternet, Improvement-it is competing for the 2018 water innovation prize:

Innovative solutions and groundbreaking initiatives in the field of water have a chance of winning the Water Innovation Prize 2018. Every year, the Union of Water Boards and the Dutch Water Board award the Water Innovation Prize to innovative water projects that can be applied within the tasks and responsibilities of water boards: water safety, clean and sufficient water.

The Water Innovation Prize will be awarded on November 29 in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort.

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