Alltrack integrates dot car scanning component

Dotpene code is a type of bar code that is directly punched in metal. Whereas previously it was difficult to scan dot car codes using an Android device, Improvement-it has now integrated a new scanning component into its app. Via the Alltrack app it is possible to register all logistic and other treatments of an item such as:

  • Defining a composite article
  • Order picking
  • Container check and seal
  • To send
  • Return received
  • Rebooking
  • Repair
  • To clean

Every unique object is registered by scanning its identifier from the app. With the new scanning component the dot carrot code can be scanned directly from the app, even if it is dirty, worn or damaged. With the built-in lighting function it is possible to scan all codes correctly even in dark environments.

Dotpeen op metaal

This photo shows an example of a dot carrot code in the form of a data matrix.

Zebra TC56 and dot carrot scanning

Improvement-IT is a Zebra partner and has successfully equipped many projects with the TC56 from Zebra. With this scanner, various codes and NFC chips are easy to read, in addition, the device is super reliable due to its robustness and is water resistent. By integrating the dot car module and the 12 MP camera of the Zebra TC56 you can scan every even the most difficult dot car codes quickly and reliably.

Zebra TC51-56 informatie