Materieelbeheer & Goederenlogistiek

Material management and goods logistics are becoming more and more important for health care organizations. Due to the increasing financial pressure on healthcare institutions, smart logistics is becoming crucial. In daily operations practice, it appears that medical staff spends a lot of time searching for materials; such as wheelchairs and infusion pumps. In addition, it appears that items can no longer be located or are “disappearing” from the screen, departments are hoarding certain valuable items and items found outside the hospital.

Technology makes it possible to gain more insight into the management of equipment, not only the location but also the consumption, the life cycle of a medical device are automatically recorded. This is necessary to decrease management costs and to accomplish the stricter guidelines (ISO 13485). The Alltrack platform is an ideal system to centrally manage all assets and to monitor the current state of affairs.
At Improvement-It we use our logistics knowledge from industry and healthcare to optimize equipment management and freight logistics.

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