Operational excellence

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Operational Excellence is the conviction nevertheless not a method to achieve this. There are various improvement methodologies to improve organisations. For example: Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management (BPM), Balanced Scorecard, Total Quality Management, Agile, Scrum, et cetera.

The Lean Six Sigma framework is often applied in healthcare. This allows organizations to continuously improve in a structured way. By concentrating on what has a majority to the customer. Reducing errors in implementation results in the number of process steps reducing (Lean) and the outcome of the processes is made predictable (Six Sigma).
The name of Six Sigma is based on an arbitrary error probability of less than 0.00034% for the production process. However, in fact, it is about striving for the highest possible quality level.
The Alltrack platform that we have developed makes it possible to map the process and implement improvements based on various registrations.

Operational Excellence Health Care

organizations have a flexible strategy, multidisciplinary teamwork in short cycles and make use of visual aids as much as possible.

Our development team uses Kanban (from the Japanese can = “visual” and ban “plate”) This means we always have insight into the status of specific projects.

We are excited to use our expertise with various frameworks during process optimization projects within healthcare.