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Voorraadbeheer en goederenlogistiek krijgen niet altijd de aandacht die het verdient. De laatste jaren zien we, onder andere door de toegenomen financiële druk in de sector, dat er steeds meer interesse is voor slim voorraadbeheer.

Smart inventory management starts with choosing the right starting points. As Improvement-IT, we have incorporated these principles into our smart logistics and stock management systems. One of the principles we use in our solutions is Kanban. It is a demand-driven logistics system.

When Kanban is used there can be supplemented based on demand from the various departments. The stocks are supplemented in the most efficient way, to prevent “unnecessary” stock, products do not get over the THT expiry date and the nurses never has to face an empty bin. The system is based on so-called Just-In-Time management. With JIT management the delivery time must be taken into account and a certain margin of the minimum stock is always maintained.


How to start with our Kanban system?

Start with a clean slate! First, get everything out of your storage cupboards or warehouse. Decide, what can be removed, what is no longer used, is outdated or about to be. Determine the new layout of the department warehouses and central storage based on the frequency of use of the products. A commonly used method for this is the ABC method.

A: The A category consists of items who have the lowest lead time, the fast runners. Place it at eye level in an easily accessible place.
B: In the B category which contains the products with an average lead time.
C: Consists of the products with the highest lead time. Place this at the top / in more difficult places.

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Two Bin Kanban methode

The most common Kanban method for smart inventory management is the two-bin system, also known as “Two Bin”. In this case, there are at least two containers with the stock of the same product. The front bin contains the working stock for daily use. The second container, the rear container, contains the reserve stock. A card is attached to the first bin, the “Kanban”, on which the product is listed with a photo for visual recognition. As soon as the first bin is empty, the nurse removes the ticket as a reminder that the supply must be supplemented. The second container now slides forward.

As soon as the stock has been replenished, put the Kanban back in the front bin. This method is being used more and more often because it prevents misunderstandings and avoids “unnecessary” stock.
In addition, the logistics department does not have to scan everything and the department simply orders what needs to be supplemented.

The system where we have combined this methodology with technology is called: Re-Order-It. Once the Kanban system is implemented, it can be optimized by taking into account various parameters such as weather, seasonal peaks, packaging units, and the quantity. After all, the lead time is often not constant. The content – the number of products – per container can be adjusted accordingly. This type of optimization can be achieved through smart data analyses.

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