IoT Technologie

The general idea of IoT technology and the different views on that term is that IoT technology has something to do with producing new, ingenious, innovative things. That is exactly what we as Improvement-it respond to. Many companies do not always use already developed innovations. Maybe because you don’t know about the existence or have a clear view of what technology can do for you.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are here to assist you in developing concepts and realizing projects based on IoT techniques. In many of our projects we open up equipment via the internet and we accurately registrate the location and status of an object. By cleverly storing that information and linking it to order information, closed material flows are created that can be managed and controlled remotely. With these types of systems, one speaks of the Internet of Things, or Internet of Things.

RFID, LoRa, GPS en barcode products

We deliver the most advanced hardware available in the field of various technologies. We have an extensive network of leading manufacturers that we work with directly. With us, you can find the best hardware at a webshop price with the right support!

RFID, LoRa, lezers, kaarten, tags, sensoren, passen

Whether you are looking for an RFID reader, UWB system, card, tag, pass or complete port setup, you have come to the right place for the best equipment.

IoT Technology