Global Positioning System(GPS) is the commercial name for a worldwide satellite positioning system. This system is developed in 1967 for use by the United States armed forces.

Tracking en Tracing

Nowadays, GPS is used to keep track of your fleet, containers and other traceable objects. The GPS transmitter ensures that your assets are shown on the map. Improvement-it specializes in combining different techniques. Hereby your assets are linked to your container by scanning RFID or LoRa tags and barcodes. We then follow your containers though GPS and show all other linked assets on the map.

GPS with or without SIMcard

The most trackers communicate with a database through a mobile network. This could be problematic because of high roaming costs in foreign countries or you are not capable to have access to a network coverage offshore. Besides these trackers, improvement-it offers systems without SIMcard. Those transmitters communicate directly with our cloud platform through a satellite. By means of this you never have unexpected costs and the system also works offshore.