LoRa is a radio technology for sending signals over a large distance to a server in an energy-efficient manner and vice versa. This includes switching devices remotely, passing on information about temperature, pressure and other signals or determining a location. With simple batteries, a node can easily last up to 10 years.

The Alltrack platform, which is designed to easily track locations and statuses of assets, now also supports LoRa technology in addition to RFID, GPS en barcode technology. All object registrations are cleverly combined in Alltrack with order picking, inspection and repair processes. 

Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet der Dingen

LoRa is a suitable way to access equipment via the internet. All those devices that communicate together via the internet are called the Internet of Things. Combining smart signals creates a smarter society. Improvement-it focuses primarily on business solutions in the industry, healthcare and semi-government. Improvement-it connects to public networks and is also able to set up a LoRa network for your company.

LoRa, RFID, GPS, OCR, ZigBee en andere technieken

By combining different techniques, it becomes possible to further optimize business processes. For example a nurse can use a switch to indicate whether an infusion pump is in use, we can easily keep track of how often a hospital bed has been washed and whether preventive maintenance is required based on vibration data and or the temperature trend of an installation or us keep an eye on which of your employees are in an ATEX environment


If you would like information about these or other methods to improve your processes, please contact us for an introduction.