RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification. This is a technology to track people and objects. An RFID system consists of the following components.

Card, tag, label, pas, transponder, smartlabel 

This system component consists of a chip with an antenna in a housing connected to it. Information, often a number, can be written into this chip. The tag receives a radio signal and uses that same signal to send out information. We call the tag active if it can send out information on its own. This tag consists of a battery in order to maintain sending signals and can be covered in an robust housing. 

RFID Antenna

This system component sends out and radio field and receives radio signals from the implemented tag. The antenna is available in various editions.

RFID reader, scanner, PDA

The antenna is linked to and reader, scanner. The reader exists of one or more antennas. The reader collects all the signals from the antennas and transmits them via a connection to an overall system or middleware. The reader and antenna can be combined in one product suchlike in a PDA.

Middleware, link to ERP, WMS of MES

This software component is the layer between the reader infrastructure and the upper layer. Data is filtered and buffered in the track and trace system. It is possible to add extra information to the read data such as system user or the time of scanning.
Besides that, it is possible to make detailed analyses of movement and linked issues for example productivity. The middleware can be linked to your existing ERP system.

Operating System: This is the system with which the RFID system ultimately communicates. The receiving ERP system is often the one who communicates towards the workplace.

RFID frequenties en standaarden

Frequentcy Characteristics Use Limitations

Low (LF)
< 135 kHz

Short read distance <50cm

Low reading speed

Suitable for production environment

To be used in an environment with metal

Access control

Animal identification

Production automation

Closed systems

Read distance


High (HF)
13,56 MHz

Medium read distance <1.2m

Medium reading speed

Access control

Item tracking


Frequency is being absorbed by metals


Ultra High (UFH)
Europa 868Mhz



High reading distance

High reading speed

ISO18000-6 (EPC-global)


Returnables Assets


Special tags for use on metal


Magnetron (MW)
2,45 GHz


Very High reading distance

Very High reading speed

Container management


Legislations restricts use in some of the EU-states