UWB en IoT

UWB (Ultra Wide Band) is an IoT technology that is suitable for registering where an object or person is located within a room or area. The advantage of this technique is that it can be done with great accuracy (10cm) and that the environment has less influence on the accuracy than with other techniques such as Wi-Fi, BLE or RFID.

A tag is applied to the assets that you want to track. This tag sends a signal ever x ms. There are receivers at different locations who receive a message and send it back. Bases on the TDO (difference in time between sending and receiving messages), the tag can determine where the object is located. Due to the high accuracy, robustness, and durability of batteries, this technique is extremely suitable for use in industry and healthcare.

UWB in the industry and healthcare

This technology is suitable for tracking metal and non-metal objects. You can provide insight into your processes by, for example providing a UWB tag for beds, infusion pumps, and rolling stock. We gladly support you in finding a solution for your issue. We look at various techniques such as RFID, UWB, GPS, BLE, Barcode and Wi-Fi technology. In many cases, we combine different technologies to achieve the best result.

For more information you can also visit our Utra Wide Band partner SEWIO.

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