RFID supports OK logistics of medical instruments

To ensure that surgical instruments are sufficiently available and sterilized in the operating theater, Clinium takes over all logistics and sterilization operations from the hospital. In order to optimally control and control the flow of goods, it has, together with Improvement-it, set up the All-track track and trace system based on RFID scans. “This system guarantees 100% exit control of sterilized instruments and gives our customers and ourselves detailed insight into the entire chain,” said Jacques Ongerboer, fisherman, director of Clinium.

Material management within hospital logistics

RFID readers are installed at various points in the logistics chain that record the status and location of an instrument (kit). Initially, these RFID reading points are operational within the sterilization locations of Clinium. The plan is to expand these reading points to the different hospitals that are clients of Clinium, so that the process within the hospital can also be optimized. In addition, it is possible to register new OR instruments and kits using a PDA, and a photo of the instrument can be added directly. Because the system functions in a centrally hosted environment, anyone with a working internet connection and a web browser can see the status and location of the instruments in real time.

IoT as the basis for the future

Within a few years, an operation process is expected to be optimally regulated based on IoT technology such as RFID, Lora and barcoding. With the help of technology it can be made clear at an early stage whether an operation can actually take place on the basis of status records of, among other things, the instruments, the patient, the operating theater, the specialist and all necessary tools. “Clinium participates in these innovations to support healthcare institutions in logistics processes and to guarantee quality guarantees”

System links

Clinium already has an extensive ERP system in place for broadly regulating all goods and financial flows. The Alltrack platform is integrated with this existing environment and always ensures that the system is updated. This means that the source is up-to-date and the processes are safeguarded on the basis of physical workplace recordings.

About Clinium

Clinium takes care of the entire process of logistics and sterilization of the medical instruments and medical devices.
In addition to the CSA function, they also take over the management of the sterile OR warehouse, take care of internal and external distribution, coordination and handling of loan instruments and repair & maintenance of instruments.