Ceban pharmacy optimizes logistics of its crates using RFID

The Central Preparation Pharmacy Netherlands (Ceban) is a nationwide supplying modern GMP large-scale pharmacy. Ceban specializes in the preparation of medication based on, among other things, an individual patient prescription. Ceban also produces a range of products that can be delivered from stock. The prepared medicines are distributed in special crates.

Medicine crates and cool boxes in healthcare

Medicine crates find their way from the preparation center to the pharmacy. At pharmacies that are located in a hospital, the crates are sometimes still sent to the department. Eventually the medication ends up with the right patient and after that the bin can be reused. To ensure that the right crates arrive at the right person at the right time, Ceban has started using the Alltrack system. In addition to the current location, the temperature can also be monitored.

Alltrack: smart, user-friendly software for medicine distribution

The Alltrack system registers the crates that pass by at cleverly chosen positions in the logistics chain. All bins are provided with a UHF RFID tag. The readers are connected to the central server via a fixed or 3G network connection. It is also possible to update the status with PDAs, for example when loading a transport vehicle. Users and customers can view the current status of a shipment / crate via a standard web browser. This saves search time and unnecessary calls to the logistics department and provides immediate insight.